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Do It Yourself: Furniture

If you’re a DIY wiz with a love for building things, you’ve come to the right place. There’s a certain satisfaction in planning, getting the supplies, piecing together and finally admiring your masterpiece whether it’s the first or thousandth time you’re doing it! Here are a few tips on what to DIY around your house.

Shelves play a major role in any house. Whether it’s to hold books, kitchen appliances or ornaments every house needs shelves! A shelf may look easy to DIY; however constructing one requires a great deal of planning. Firstly, decide what your future shelf is going to hold, having decided that pick an appropriate design to match. Then comes the material in which you’re going to build the shelf, is it going to be a wooden shelf to hold your books or stainless steel shelves to hold your kitchenware? Research on basic tools and supplies needed to make a shelf and get a few extra just in case (ensure you take necessary safety precautions when working with dangerous supplies). Once you’re well equipped, start on your DIY journey.

In need of a different table to look at while you sip your morning coffee? Well, DIY! If you’re not in the mood to make an entire table, simply modifying it would do. One great idea is to add glass to your wooden table or add wood to your glass table! Or you could paint and polish the table for that extra glow. Add a foot rest for that much needed comfort. Place a vase with a flower or two in the centre, a few table mats and you’re done.

Chairs and couches
Chairs and couches are easy DIYs. You could always modify your couch by changing the frame or the cushion material! Stainless steel is a strong option for a couch frame, so is wood! You’ll need guidance while designing a new frame if you have zero experience, but it’s certainly doable. Modifying the cushion is a simple and easy task (even easier if you stitch). Once you pick a material that you feel matches your home and theme, measure your cushions and stitch away! If you have excess material and sponge, make cushions to accessorize your chairs as well!

While making chairs and tables, with what’s left of the material you can DIY even more. Frames, cushion covers, wall hangings, centre pieces are few of them. Use what’s lying around your house and get creative. There are plenty of video tutorials and pictorials online to lend you some support on what to DIY.

Listed above are few of the many, many things you can DIY around your home. Constructing items yourself is an easy and cost cutting way of remodeling your house and passing your time. It could even become a hobby. DIY may seem tiring and time consuming, but once the compliments start coming your way you’ll realize each minute was worth it!