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Over Illumination Considered

Over illumination does not sound like a particularly serious issue at first, and indeed, it is not. However, every little bit adds up in these times of reduced economic confidence, and the amount of money that is being forgone by not paying attention to this issue can actually be rather considerable. Essentially, over illumination occurs when the amount of artificial lighting in an area is excessive for the task that is being performed. While this may seem minor, there are in fact several negative effects that this can have on health and productivity, and the savings that can be made from utilising more effective office fit out companies Sydney to reduce lighting to a more suitable level can be considerable. In fact, it is estimated that as much as forty per cent of the electricity use in the typical commercial office comes from lighting, so cutting down in this area where appropriate can reduce energy costs for a business. While obviously for reasons of common sense as well as occupational health, safety, and welfare you do not want people to be working in the dark, there are several situations where the amount of artificial lighting in an office could sensibly be reduced:

•    Unused areas are being lit when no one is in them
•    Artificial lighting is being used where office fit outs could allow for greater use of natural light that is available
•    Use of artificial lighting that is excessively intense – this can also reduce productivity, as overly bright artificial lighting, especially from the fluorescent tubes that are common in many offices, has been shown in studies to reduce the speed with which many people work
•    Too few light switches exist so that lights cannot be turned off when not in use – this is not easy or cheap to address after the fact, but it is still a major contributor to over illumination in many offices. For example, the iconic.

Marin County Civic Center building, which was designed in a striking modernist style and has been featured in many Hollywood films, only has one or two light switches per floor. This has been reported to cost the building’s occupants tens of thousands of dollars per year in excessive electricity costs because it is impractical to turn off lights that are going unused at any time. While architectural or building design issues that lead to over illumination are essentially impossible to address after the fact except at considerable cost, However, a provider of facilities management services can provide advice to address issues of illumination that are due to the fit out of the office and the location of employees and work stations within the office, and this can reduce energy costs and boost productivity as well as mitigate potential health effects that occur due to excessive lighting such as increased incidence of migraine head aches. To know more about office tenant representation, visit

Building & Construction

Luxury House Builders For A Stylish Home

Does the look of your home cramp your style? The place you’re living in can surely determine the way in which you live, by simply limiting your opportunities for bringing up your children, entertaining, or even for owning a pet. You don’t want to stain your style, and even your life, as a whole by the entire look of your house, right?

Therefore, the help of experienced luxury house designs is what you need. They are definitely the ones who could help you construct the best home for your needs, so as your desired lifestyle, which gives you the freedom to live the way that you want to.

Whether you only want a few changes, something that can be nearby the trees or the sea, relocating could surely do wonders in terms of changing the way you live your life. Believe it or not, even if you love the place where you live, yet you feel so stuck in a rut, you could just hire a reliable luxury house builder that will demolish your old and rotten home, and let them build a new one. Well, this one’s complete with the features that will make it a lot easier for you to change your lifestyle in a better way.

Such features do not really need to be a luxury add-on, but they could be great enough to give you more breathing space, especially if you have a growing family, while getting more private areas for parents and a playroom for your playful children. Your luxury house builders could construct a home that is somewhat contemporary and cutting edge. It will surely bring your lifestyle up to date. With the syndicated automation systems as well as energy efficient appliances, there would be no need for you to spend hours of your day doing tedious tasks, or worry about the effect that your household has on your environment.

Modern lifestyle could be a fast paced one, and packed with dense information as well as urgent work, which simply makes it a lot necessary for the luxury house builders to design functional living spaces with an emphasis on relaxation as well as recharging spaces. A house built 10 decades ago may definitely set you behind the modern era.

Hiring luxury house builders now can surely build the house of your dreams. They can work according to whatever design you have in mind. Never underestimate the power of their skills and knowledge, as they know better, in terms of providing you the perfect house to live in.

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