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Healthy Habits To Develop

Heart disease is an extremely serious condition which puts many a life at risk. It is said to be one of the leading causes of death amongst the world. Even though the symptoms and risk factors of heart disease vary for each person, the healthy habits that you can maintain in order to prevent it are universal.

The food you intake contributes largely towards cardiac problems. Look for food that is low in fat, saturated fats, sodium and cholesterol. Deep fried food are definitely amongst those to stay away from! Foods that are rich in fibre such as vegetables and dairy products which have low fat should be encouraged. Avoid food that contain high amounts of sugar as well. When it comes to alcohol, remember to not abuse it and to do everything in moderation.

If you follow a regular exercise routine, the risk of developing heart problems will be significantly reduced. Your workout does not need to be excessively intense, rather try to incorporate into your daily life and make it something easy to maintain. Walk for 30 – 45 minutes daily, buy a treadmill or even join a gym. Keeping your weight in check assists in controlling the levels of blood pressure. In order to monitor this, buy a omron blood pressure device which can be used easily at home. High blood pressure has been associated with cardiac problems and strokes.

Schedule visits to your doctor at least every 3 months. He will assess your risk of cardiac disease through trial of screening tests, through which he will measure your blood pressure, glucose levels and cholesterol. The readings of the ECG machine will show the rhythm and rate that your heart beats in. Blood tests too, will allow a doctor to properly evaluate your risk of heart disease as it measures levels of sugar, protein and cholesterol.

They say that smoking kills for a reason; because it does. Nicotine magnifies your chance of developing a heart complication –not that it’s the only problem that arises with smoking- and therefore should be kept away from. As mentioned above, excessive alcohol consumption is detrimental for one’s cardiac health as it can increase blood pressure and should be moderated. Attempt to maintain appropriate sleep schedules with enough hours of sleep as well, because it matters. The possibility of having a heart disease is a fearful matter, so why risk it? Maintain a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and a healthy diet, stay away from unhealthy activities, schedule routine appointments with your doctor and you will be risk as well as worry free.